Helping Hands India is certified under 80G(2) (a)(iv) r.w.s. 80G(5)(vi) Tax Exemption certification of the Income Tax Department.
The Director’s life experience paved a way to start old age and young widow care in a slum of Jeevenahalli. As a young boy, the Director use to take care of an old man Tathaiah who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Despite this man being blessed with 5 children, Director frequently took care of him in feeding, bathing and toileting. One day, as Director was late to reach Tathaiah’s home, his older son proceeded to drag his father out on to the road and beat him.
The Director was stunned. He grabbed this man and applied ointment to the wounds and provided a bed for him, to sleep in. A month after this incident, the man died. It influences the Director to witness the elderly being bitten by rats due to improper shelter and care. Through HHI had limited resources, he begun to care for thirty women by providing them with basic necessities, medical supplies, and guided them to get government benefits. Through the kind heart of the Scotts’ family in the month of January 2014, a home has been established for 5 elderly women to get shelter, food, medical help, spiritual nourishment, and the love of Jesus Christ